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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the box with Wooden Maps?
  • Maps come continent by continent and Islands,
  • Stencil for placing wooden pieces,
  • Wooden pins, compass, boats and planes, ocean names double side tape
  • Installation guide
Installation / Deinstallation / Reinstallation
  • Maps come with special double-sided tape that is strong enough to hold the Map pieces on the wall. But doesn’t stick to wallpaper or walls have diffrent textures like bricks.(please contact for if you need any help for different textured wall)
  • Maps can be removed from the wall with using some heat(hair dryer).However, wall paint can be damaged slightly.
  • Map can be reinstalled anywhere agian but double side tapes have to be changed they are not reusable.

Is it possible to ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship worldwide, except India

Is there any hidden fee or duty charges?

There is no hidden fees.Even if you can charged as import tax for some countries. Please contact us if you have been charged by customs we will refund you how much you have been charged. it is guarented you will not pay anything more what you see on our site.

Process and Delivery time?

Our maps are totally handmade so that we need a little bit longer process time 5-7 days. After shipping EU region have 1-3 days, America 4-7 days, Australia and Asia 5-8 days delivery time, (depending on courier)

How can I track my order?

We mostly ship our maps with UPS,DHL or FedEx depending destination country. Every order has tracking code.

Is the Map removable? Is it possible to take it off the wall and reassemble without ruining it?

If you want to get it off your wall with using some heat with hair dryer. (tip : you can also use nylon string(we offer fish string) you need to put it between wall and wooden pieces from side to side.Then easily you will get wooden map pieces from wall without any defect on pieces).

To reinstall the Map you will need to have new sticky tape, they are not reusable.

What should I do if I get a damaged map of missing pieces?

We will be glad to help you if there is any problem with our maps. you just need to contact us with pictures, we can do anything for you.If we can not cover it we can send you new map or refund without any debut.

Return / Refund or Exchange

Please inform us if you want Return / Refund or Exchange with mail.We will be happy to help you without any question even if you did not like it.

My question is not listed

Please contact us via contact form or with e-mail( We will be happy to help you asap.

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